Map textures v.1.00 - December 24, 2010
Release note:
Merry Christmas Quake lovers :)

The 'Map textures v.1.00' is Quake Retexturing Project's first 100% complete map texture pack since the project started over 8 years ago in late 2002. Many project members have come and gone over the years and even if these members have not contributed to this particular release, they all still part of the project's achievements in whole.

As a follow up to last year's beta release the Quake Retexturing Project now also release a 100% complete normal map texture pack.
Installation instructions:
Read this information.

  • Moon[Drunk] (diffuse and luma textures)
  • My-Key (normal map textures)
Complete readme: (also included in pack)
Moon[Drunk] & My-Key
Texture packs:
Date Description Size Downloads
2010-12-24 Map textures v.1.00 367 MB  
2010-12-24 Normal map tex. add-on v.1.00 341 MB