Scourge of Armagon (MP1) map textures add-on v.1.00 - June 25/October 12, 2011
Release note:
Today QRP release our first add-on pack for Quake mission pack 1: Scourge of Armagon (SoA).

As the add-on name implies you will also need to have QRP's Map textures v.1.00 (QRP_map_textures_v.1.00.pk3) pack installed to get replacement textures for all textures in SoA.
Installation instructions:
Instruction is found in the included 'readme', see below.

  • Moon[Drunk] (diffuse and luma textures)
  • My-Key (normal map and gloss textures)
Complete readme: (also included in pack)
Moon[Drunk] & My-Key
Texture packs:
Date Description Size Downloads
2011-06-22 SoA map tex. add-on v.1.00 100 MB  
2011-10-12 SoA tex. add-on v.1.00 116 MB