Item textures v.0.73 - December 24, 2010
Release note:
Merry Christmas Quake lovers :)

This is the Quake Retexturing Project's first item texture packs ever. The version number is due to the fact that this pack includes 73% of the used item textures in Quake.

This pack includes replacement textures for the following textures in Quake:
  • Health boxes
  • Ammo boxes
  • Exploding boxes
  • Armors
  • V_weapons
  • Menu graphics (gfx)
  • Hud graphics (wad)
  • A few more...
Note that the hud graphics are not ideal for all video/console resolution setups! For best visuals always try to keep your ratio between your video and console resolution in whole numbers.

Example: If video resolution is 1280x1024 console resolution should be set to 640x512 (ratio=2) or 320x256 (ratio=4). Console resolution is set thru 'vid_conwidth' and 'vid_conheight'.

See also 'How to get charsets to look good ingame' which is also true regarding hud graphics in whole.

Installation instructions:
Read this information.

  • Moon[Drunk] (all included textures except hud faces)
  • PrimeviL (hud faces)
Complete readme: (also included in all packs)
Texture packs:
Date Description Size Downloads
2010-12-24 Item textures v.0.73 (DarkPlaces) 55 MB  QuakeOne    
2010-12-24 Item textures v.0.73 (eZQuake) 56 MB  QuakeOne