Quake Revitalization Project

(Quake Retexturing Project + Quake Remodelling Project)

The goal of this project as a whole is to modernize Quake's aesthetics as much as possible without changing the mood, theme, or atmosphere of any setting. Furthermore, this project will cooperate with engine designers and listen to the community to provide the end-user with an easy-to-install pack which will be used simply and efficiently by the Quake engine.

January 28, 2013 - Moon[Drunk]
Four months ago in September 2012 it was 10 years since QRP started as QE1M1!!! Unfortunately we did not have any new textures or packs ready to celebrate our anniversary at the time, or now for that matter, but I think the very fact that the project is still on-going after 10 years is quite an achievement in itself.

Regarding the on-going progress we are now focusing on the MP2 map textures. The status and slow progress can be followed on the updated Retexturing page.
Right now there are 102 new textures finished and the 196 released textures are the amount of textures that are the same in MP2 as in original Quake.

There are also some minor additional changes to the site layout and content done besides the updated Retexturing page. Maybe most noticable is our attempt to simplify the Downloads page. Hopefully it is now easier to get an overview of the different downloads?
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